Mitsubishi Brake Pads

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Mitsubishi Brake Pads


Simply remarkable in terms of performance, fade resistance and wear rates.
New to Australia, but with an exceptional pedigree. Great pricing representing new levels of value for money.

Established in 1984, WINMAX CORP. is one of the leading performance and racing brake parts manufacturers in Japan. As a subsidiary of OEM supplier MK Kashiyama Corp., Winmax has delivered a combination of racing passion and meticulous engineering for decades. Used by top motorsport teams in road racing, rallying, gymkhana, autocross, and time trials, Winmax brake

Using a knowledge database that covers everything from OE factory pads to formula racing machines, Winmax begins all brake pad development in its research and development facilities. By blending various types of raw materials based on the information accumulated over years of quality engineering, Winmax is able to develop friction materials that meet the requirements of performance, effectiveness, life, noise, vibration, and feel.

Testing and data collection is also vital to the Winmax R&D process. Using an enclosed brake dynamometer with a sealed environmental chamber, a variety of brake pad simulations are able to take place under controlled conditions. By evaluating the braking performance under a variety of driving conditions, Winmax is able to test, develop, and improve brake pads until they meet the strict standards required before being sold to enthusiast drivers across the world. Winmax pads have been rigorously tested in competitive racing environments throughout the world.


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Front, Rear


EVO V-IV Brembo, EVO X Brembo